Silk Routes Financials is a strategic investment holding firm based in Singapore with a focus on Asia Pacific and Middle East region by bringing together strategic partners from various target markets with presence in China, USA, UK, UAE, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Australia. Silk Routes also offers strategic business development partnerships and solutions to organisations keen to establish or invest in Asia Pacific.

Silk Routes Financials primarily works with Chinese state-owned companies on a number of One Belt One Road projects as the company believes that a Singapore company is ideally positioned from a strategic, economic and cultural standpoint to play an important part in OBOR and currently working on USD2 billion worth of infrastructure and strategic projects by also adding Singapore’s neutrality and branding into these OBOR projects.

Our four pronged strategy;

Strategic Partnerships

Redesign contractual terms to encourage better collaboration, transparency, and risk and profit sharing.

Enhance collaboration between the public and private sectors as infrastructure will continue to be an attractive investment opportunity and critical to governments.

Build trust and long-term strategic relationships with partners to foster better problem solving.

Financing solutions

Focus on projects that are “shovel worthy” rather than “shovel ready.”

Increase investment in infrastructure projects that radically affect long-term global trends.

Implement a nimbler capital-allocation process to respond to the rapidly changing environment.

Project resilience

Increase the resiliency and flexibility of supply chains by obtaining services and materials from more and different sources.

Redefine delivery models to remove frictions and inefficiencies and unlock new profits.

Create solid project pipelines through assessments of long-term project resiliency in terms of industry disruption, changing user expectations and demands, and climate impact.

Technology adoption

Technology to bring access, choice and liquidity to infrastructure and environmental assets; changing how individuals and institutions invest in and trade these assets as an alternative source of financing.

Adapt to a contactless economy by increasing technology deployment across construction methodologies and employee and customer interactions.

Maintain the flexibility and technical adaptability demonstrated in the COVID-19 response in steady-state operations by being willing to design and launch new means of connecting with people and operate digitally.

OBOR is the creation of an economic land belt that includes countries on the original Silk Road through Central Asia, West Asia, the Middle East and Europe, as well as a maritime road that links China’s port facilities with the African coast, pushing up through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean.

Silk Routes Financials is a member of The Silk Road Aksu Barter Trade Research Institute, an independent research institution composed of experts and scholars from all walks of life who are concerned about the economic and social development of the “Belt and Road” based in Aksu of Xinjiang Province, the only Singapore firm invited and accepted by a China’s think tank.

Founded by Tay Chiew Sheng who created the first and only Islamic IPO in SGX as the co-founder of Sabana REIT in 2010, the largest and first Shariah certified industrial REIT globally which is also the second largest REIT IPO in Asia since 2006 and had transacted more than SGD3 billion worth of transactions. He is also the founding President of GASCIA – Gulf Asia Shariah Compliant Investment Association, international economic advisor to a China state-owned enterpise Zhong Zi Hua Xia Asset Management Co., Ltd and economic advisor to Hua Heng Tian Cheng Chengdu Co Ltd. a Sichuan provincial-owned enterprise.

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